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Dutch Design Week 2013

Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week ran from October 19-27th and is a ‘must’ for many (if not all!) Three Dimensional Design undergraduates. Eindhoven is just 1.5 hours from Schipol so fairly  accessible. The DDW event is divided into 3 design area’s  with 78 locations  showcasing the work of 2000 designer that work across handmade and digital technology. It really is a must see event!

The event displays new, forward thinking approaches and resolutions, exploring materials, challenging boundaries and questioning  our attitudes to the use of eggshells in creating vessels (they biodegrade garden vessels), use of hair in jewellery (Lore Langendries), and medical interventions.

The work is displayed across the City, using shop windows to display individual work. Others are exhibited in well known venues such as the Design Academy and Klokenblow, whilst others takeover a derelict building to have  a temporary curated exhibition.

Some of you were lucky enough to go. My own visit was intense – a 4.30am start on Saturday, returning on a terrifyingly windy, rainy night on Sunday!

For those of you that are tempted to come next year (book early!) or those needing to be tempted, here are a few highlights:

Design Academy showed the work of BA and MA graduates that inquired and tested, explored processes and investigated materials, resolving and refining a range of ideas from lighting to baskets, plaster casts to vessels in blown glass.

The blown glass vessels  – “A Strange Symphony “by Philipp Weber– were made from reinterpreting a blowing iron into a three-valve trumpet to make a series of interesting noises and new forms-  it was quite something! Other graduates took playful interactions for us to explore and question such as Jelle Mastenbroek’s “Splendour Lender”, a  glass fronted cupboard that stored a series of plates (as you might expect). What you did not expect was that it was a slot machine, into which a coin would fall and roll across, over and around the plates to create tunes.

Philipp Weber

I was particularly intrigued with Matthias Borowski’s “The Importance of the Obvious” who’s work explored materials in unconventional ways, combining them with a discernment and joy through an exploration of sweets.

Matthias Borowski

Klokenblow displayed a mix of designers- DOEN materialistic, lighting made from bike chains (Lolo Palozzo), wearables made from hair (Lore Langendries) , Umberto Dattola’s chairs based on narrative (there are sooooo tall!), lighting, furniture, jewellery using hair. There was something to suit everyone, and it was packed event.

Lolo Palozzo 2Lore Langendries 4Umberto Dattola

Other highlights included the Design Museum, which exhibited medical interventions that relate strongly to aspects of Arts for Health that I am currently researching. Here, there were well-designed and made cutleries that provide four stages of rehabilitation. For example, the spoon began as a large, more amorphous form to enable a patient to begin to use their muscles again and learn to grasp an object. Over time, they can progress to a more refined, more conventional spoon etc., thereby enabling them to heal and improve their quality of life. Other interventions focused on aspects of operating (one as a chair with soothing music), one as a toy to help children understand and engage with the operation. They are forward looking and responsive aspects of social design.

Next term I’ll show a powerpoint of work from Eindhoven  to both inform you and entice you to visit yourself next year!

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