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CHEAD Conference and Craft Seminar

Megan Ocheduszko 2

This week has seen the preparation for and hosting of the CHEAD conference and Craft Seminar. CHEAD stands for Council for Higher Education in Art & Design and has an important role for students studying Art and Design in Higher Education. CHEAD “offers leadership and an inclusive, cohesive body for and on behalf of Art and Design higher education across the UK. It …seeks to inform, influence, and initiate policy in higher education in art and design at national and other levels.” (http://www.chead.ac.uk/)

Tuesday’s craft seminar included “presenting research findings from Studying Craft: trends in craft education and training, case studies and examples of good practice in craft education in the UK and the Netherlands.” (http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/whats-on/view/craft-education-study-event-manchester). It was an important event and much discussion took place around craft.

Thanks to all students who have supported the event through displaying their work, images of which you can see below. Tours and demoes were provided by Level 5 students- special mention and thanks to Kamilia, Kat, Jo, Verity and Poppy for their support in this event!

The 3DD work displayed showcased work by staff and students, including Siobhan Dorans’ work (featured on third floor Benzie Building)  and Emma Dickinson’s work featured in HZ3. Their work has been developed through Unit 1, Synthesis and Resolution, a unit that enables the student to define a self-authored programme of study that explores a creative synthesis of critical, analytical and practical skills combined with an independent, resourceful and  responsive approach to practice.

Siobhan Dorans creates work that reflects the exquisitely handmade, yet fine pallet of jewellery. Drawing plays an integral role in Siobhan’s development: “ My sketchbook is my ‘safe place’, acting as a key component to my practice. I use drawing as a tool to play around with different ideas; it helps to visualise ideas &  offers a stimulus that guides me through each stage of my thought process.

Siobhan Dorans 2 Amy Worrall Megan Ocheduszko 4DSCF1595

Emma Dickinson’s work explores dress patterns, developing ideas through the manipulation of flat sheet to create a series of 3D ceramic forms. Her investigations explore combinations of materials and material qualities, reflecting on how one affects the other.

Lucy Green showcased work from the Unit 2, Level 5, Understanding Context. This Unit introduces the primary factors affecting the context of contemporary design and making practice. It encourages students to take risks, challenge assumptions and begin to define a distinct approach to their own practice.

Lucy Green

Lucy’s  work arose from an interest in prop making and animation. Initially working with cardboard, she researched and explored birds, investigating wing movements,  head rotation and grasping feet. The birds incorporate card and metal mechanics that facilitate movement.

A great way to engage in current debate and showcase your work- well done!

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