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Making and Developing

Tradition and Innovation: Making and Developing ideas


Level 5 students are embarking on a unit that focusses on Tradition and Innovation.

This week they have been exploring materials and processes, challenging their ideas and practice with innovative approaches to materials. The session enabled students the opportunity to investigate objects, materials, method and practice both as individuals and in various group dynamics. Here, they discussed, disseminated and acquired skills within their peer group to inform and enhance their learning experience.

DSCF2332 DSCF2358

The various groups explored the definitions of the key words below, reflecting on them as a noun, verb or adjective:

  • Wrap, Thread, Weave
  • Fill, Stuff, Void
  • Fasten, Hold, Tighten
  • Fold, Cut, Tear


Students used these definitions to inform, challenge and innovate their approach to a ‘known’ material, ranging from the humble household sponge, plastic, wire, rope, envelopes, clips, velcro safety pins and much more! See more of the work in the Studio, Ground Floor Benzie.



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October 2014

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