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Dutch Design Week 2014 | Part One: DAE highlights

Well the Dutch Design Week 2014 did not disappoint!  There were so many exhibitions, pop ups and events to pack in to 2 days it was impossible to see it all.  Although I put together a much fuller overview in a lecture for our current students, here are my highlights.

Part One: Design Academy Eindhoven

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 17.06.14

Printhesis by Roel Deden was one of the most impressive projects at Design Academy Eindhoven.  Taking a very specific issue of a girl who had lost her arm due to bone cancer and couldn’t continue to make jewellery due to the weight of her prosthesis, Roel Deden re analysed the possibilities of prosthesis.  Fantastic results with a new website too.

Staying at DAE for the moment, I was moved by the powerful project of Laura Koenen.  Losing One’s Self looks at the difficulties of dementia, and Laura has developed a series of tools for people diagnosed with the condition to leave a video message and a photobook for your future self, and a newtorking tool to ensure you get the care you need.


This piece Fervent Carpet by Studio Siem | Pabon – also looked at healthcare issues, in the form of asthma and excema sufferers.  This carpet is attached to your radiator, and bi monthly is heated to 60 degrees and in the process, this removes any dust mites or associated allergens.  The future for our carpets perhaps?  Or even our whole homes… Who knows.  Pretty stunning too.

Warriors of a Downpour City by Anne Van Galen took a fresh look at the future of wearables.  If our climate continues to change, will what we choose to wear, and design, be more heavily influenced by the weather?

S.Pot by Maddalena Selvini took the essence of soapstone and machined beautiful cookware from this underutilised material.  The leftovers, the dust and shavings, she tested and worked until she was able to produce a series of tableware that compliments the machines larger pieces.  A beautiful collection, with some stunning photography and film on her website.

More from the rest of the Design Week to follow…

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