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Degree Show 2015

Final preparations are underway for this year’s Degree Shows, opening this weekend Saturday 13th June.

As usual, there is a diverse range of work on show across a wide variety of materials and professional practices. Here’s just a taste to whet your appetite!

The shows are open until Weds 24th June. For further details please follow the link – http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/

Ben Ashton

Ben Ashton

Taking inspiration from classic design, modernist architecture and contemporary designers alike, I aim to produce socially considerate objects, supplying uncomplicated, elegant furniture for the home and office.

Anger - Rebecca Avery

Anger – Rebecca Avery

‘To the Core’ is an exploration of the five stage theory of grief by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Through the combination of materials I have created pieces symbolising denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Mollie Paling

Mollie Paling

Through the use of precious metals and semi-precious stones I create jewellery that explores the ideas of hidden meaning, security and how a piece of jewellery wears with its owner over time.

Gabriella Hernandez

Gabriella Hernandez

The reinforcement of gender roles within children’s toys and the packaging of toys are influences on my current collection. I aim to make a humorous yet real comment on how toy companies design and produce domestic-based, pink, pretty, princess objects for girls, and action-packed, blue, tough, army things for boys.

Margherita Murgia

Margherita Murgia

Funky Faces helps people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to understand the structure of the face and to read emotions. It also improves the development of problem-solving, cognitive and fine motor skills, as well as teaching people with ASD to recognise the size and shape of facial features.

Verity Howard

Verity Howard

I capture snapshots and glimpses of everyday lives and activities. I seek to convey the absence of presence through being the outsider looking in. I aim to translate these observations through ceramic forms.

Kat McAvoy

Kat McAvoy

I use the graal technique, an advanced glassmaking process, to achieve details in my glass pieces that are found in the brightly coloured feather patterns of humming birds.

Houdah Kaddouh

Houdah Kaddouh

As a lighting designer I have created my range from a distinctive selection of materials that combine the latest LED technology with fine anodised aluminium and rubber.

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