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Work Experience – Mint

Rhiannon Raw-Rees, a Level 6 undergraduate, describes the valuable learning experience and employability opportunities she recently gained in her time with Mint. Here’s her Review:

My experience at Mint
For the last 7 weeks of the summer holidays, I undertook an internship at the design store Mint in South Kensington. I was preparing for their Twisting Traditions exhibition for London Design Festival. Over the 7-week period, I got involved in a wide range of jobs as the Mint team is small and personal.

Skills enhancement:

  • My main jobs included; writing blog posts, press releases for the new exhibition and captions for over 70 designers that were displayed over the week of the show.
  • My critical writing skills have developed, as I had thoroughly understand the context of each designer’s work. This will help me throughout this year and even after as I now have a greater understanding of how and what to present as a designer when talking about my practice and work.
  • In-between those jobs I sent emails took phone calls and did general admin and upkeep of the store.
  • MINT image (17)

Experience and Employability opportunities:

  • Working closely with the owner I learnt first-hand want it’s like to own a showroom and run an event.
  • Mint also do interior design for client’s houses and offices, I had the opportunity to help at times, which meant I was able further my skills on Photoshop and InDesign.
  • In the last two weeks, leading up to the show I experienced the chaos of setting up, it was all exciting receiving the pieces that I had been writing about. The work is from a range of designers, both national and international, some established brands and some recent graduates.


Mint is a high-end design store so as expected the quality of work we received was of a very high standard. All of the work really challenged conventional thinking and making. Seeing and really understanding each piece of work has made me want to reach that level of elegance and thought within my practice and work.

Below is a link to one of the blog posts I wrote

MINT image (22) MINT image (18)


  • Sander Wassink and Olivier van Herpt’s 3D printed ceramics, Adaptive manufacturing. They have created a sensory machine, which translates external information of shapes and textures like bark and landscapes into ceramics. http://www.sanderwassink.nl/site/
  • Jorge Penades’ side tables which are made from offcuts and waste of leather, he combined the leather pieces with resin to form a sturdy but unusual structure. http://www.jorgepenades.com
  • Studio Gutedort’s paper bowls, Mint’s owner Lina set up a project for Eva and Jenny to go to Beirut and work closely with the local women. They utilised their skills to create paper bowls that symbolised those women’s lives, mixing the local herbs and spices into the paper. http://www.gutedort.de



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