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3DD @New Designers 2017

We’ve just got back from New Designers at the Business Design Centre in London. It was a fantastic week exhibiting work and meeting industry professionals as well as establishing creative networks. Final year students have had the opportunity to showcase their work to a professional audience giving them an important opportunity to launch themselves to the creative world !

Success’s of the week:

David Winter and Natasha Kurth (graduated from our MA in 2016 and 2017) won the ‘One Year On award’, here is a link to their work…http://www.winterandkurth.com

Joshua Till (graduate from 2016) was selected to exhibit as part of One Year On this year. As Jane mentioned this year we had 3 graduates exhibit as part of One Year On at New Designers which is an achievement !http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/2016/JoshuaTill/ he also exhibited at the craft and design centre in May (which was part of the graduate award for a solo show he won at last year’s degree show)http://www.craftanddesign.com/events/modern-twist/

Final year students:

Sam Lander – won the Material Lab award, here is a link to his text and project imageshttp://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/2017/SamLander/

Lizzie Hall – was a runner up in the Materials Lab award, link: http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/2017/ElizabethHall/

Siriol Hughes – runner up in the Johnson Tiles award, Link: http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/2017/SiriolHughes/


Spotted by Made.com

Jemma Twigg  http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/2017/JemmaTwigg/

Joe Hillary (also Spotted by Trend Bible Selects)  http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/2017/JosephHillary/

Jahday Ford and Joe Hillary http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk/2017/JahdayFord/

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